About Water Resource Management

Water Resource Management, LLC was formed by Marty Clarke in 2009 in response to some changes within the onsite wastewater industry in the Montgomery area. Since entering the industry in 2005, Marty has always endeavored to provide top-notch quality of construction and customer service.

Marty is a 1999 graduate of Virginia Tech, with a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Science and Mechanics. After a few years in automotive manufacturing engineering with General Motors and Hyundai, a business he loves finally found him, and the rest is history.

Marty's Statement

In pursuit of the objectives noted above, my staff and I strive for continuous improvement, always looking for better ways of doing things to improve our systems in every way – function, aesthetics, and longevity. We keep an extensive roster of quality construction equipment on hand, including specialized attachments that help us to do things to a standard held by no one else that we know of.

Onsite wastewater and septic systems have always been at the core of what we do, but over the years, we’ve gained many other skills, as well, and in 2016, we entered the water and sewer utility construction market. Since then, we have installed water and sewer infrastructure for multiple subdivisions, commercial establishments, and more.

I’m a close observer of what goes on around me, and I get to see many types of construction and methods of construction. I constantly seek knowledge on the right ways to do things, even things with which I’m not currently involved. It’s through this curiosity and desire to learn, that in addition to laying pipe, building treatment plants, and such, we’ve also become adept at tasks like roadbuilding, pond repair, land clearing, vegetation management, and storm drainage. One of the things we love to do most is combine all of these skills to help landowners transform a property into a dream come true.

I’ve often said that while we do not claim to be perfect or be the best, we strive to be as close as we can get. One of the things that sets us apart is that we don’t just seek to offer something that works, instead we seek to offer the right solution. There are usually several different ways to do things. We don’t just offer a solution that meets state regulations, but one which takes into account a multitude of factors. The property owner has to live with the work we do for many years, so we want them to be satisfied in every way.

We would love to help you with your project from the outset, but we can also help you get back on track when you’ve fallen victim to the substandard work of others.

From Our Customers

"Marty was very responsive and addressed the problem quickly. We would definitely recommend him to others."
Kristen M.
"Had to replace an entire septic system in an area with a bad soil quality. This is a very professional organization."
Steve M.
"Very fast service. Excellent professionalism."
Kim W.
"We had to completely replace our 1961 septic system. Marty was very responsive to get us a quote and let us know how the process worked. He recommended an engineer that we went with. When time came to do the actual work, the team was very professional and did a top-notch job! I definitely recommend."
Jim P.
“Marty did an excellent job. He helped us through the entire process Once we had everything reviewed by the engineer and the public health department, it only took Marty and his crew two days to completely install our new field lines. They did excellent work, and our septic system has worked better than ever.”
Kelli D.
"Marty is very professional and responsive. He really caters to his customer and has the most advanced knowledge in this area. He is friendly, punctual and displays a professionalism rarely seen today by a business owner. I would not use anyone else."
Holly R.
"Very professional, timely and easy to work with. As part of the sales contract, we were able to provide inspection and pump of existing septic pump. I called the company, they offered to contact the county office to get all building information for me and then performed the inspection. I feel the service was adequately priced and would definitely use them again."
Jessica V.
"Marty was very helpful however, his company did not provide septic tank cleaning, which was all I required at the time. I had never been through the process before, and his help in my case says a lot about his customer service and his company I’m sure. I’m not looking for any future problems, but if I must go down that problem road, I sure would call Marty at Water Resource."
Janice S.